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HI-MACS® Lucia collection – nové barvy umělého kamene

HI-MACS® launches its new colours: the LUCIA collection. After the success of the collaboration for Milan Design Week with Dutch designer Marcel Wanders, LG Hausys launches three new colours of the new collection by the famous designer: Ice Queen, Shadow Queen and Star Queen.

Presented as a sneak preview at BATIMAT tradeshow in Paris, the LUCIA collection for HI-MACS® is a subtle combination of the depth of the material with playful tone-on-tone colours. The depth seen in the substance is accomplished by inlaying particles that bring out its organic appearance and create warm inner spaces.

This new range includes five colours – Ice Queen, Shadow Queen and Star Queen created by Marcel Wanders plus Lentil and Red Quinoa – and gives the world of design and architecture the freedom to create increasingly voluptuous, sensuous projects that people never tire of touching and admiring. With LUCIA, HI-MACS® “solid surface” retains all of its unparalleled qualities: versatile, thermoformable, durable, invisible joints, waterproof and hygienic.

Loaded with character, the three tones created
by Marcel Wanders, work with powerful contrasts. In essence, they reflect poetic notes evocative of moonlight flickering on dark, deep waters, sunlight sparkling on crystalline ice, and the misty tones of mysterious moonscapes.

“I am excited about all the possibilities these new colours allow. We named them after poetic characters full of personality: ‘Star Queen’ ‘Ice Queen’ and ‘Shadow Queen’. In their company you are free to explore a world of polarities: dark versus light, black versus white and the grey spectrum in between”. – Marcel Wanders

Marcel Wanders’ luminous textures vary from opaque to translucent and are a subtle blend of microparticles and coarser shavings which give them an intense luminosity.

Marcel Wanders’ three new colours harmoniously complement the Lucia collection’s Lentil and Red Quinoa, whose shades provide equal contrast and warmth.

The LUCIA collection is available in Europe as of 1° January 2016, enhancing the broad range of colours, effects and textures that have made HI-MACS® an exceptional material, which can be used in a myriad of ways..
– See more at: http://www.himacs.eu/en/lucia-collection#sthash.13YGJhRm.dpuf